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CoH Blitzkrieg Mod Patch / Full
28.02.2015 um 12:28 Uhr - [KSK]WestMc002
Für Company of Heroes erschien ein neuer Patch für den bekannten Blitzkrieg Mod.
Dieser trägt die Versionsnummer
Ihr könnt den 49,5mb großen Patch, wie gewohnt, bei uns downloaden.

EDIT: Mittlerweile ist die Version auch als Full Download erhältlich.
Diese 1,66 GB große Datei könnt Ihr ab sofort auch bei uns downloaden.

Hier der aktuelle Changelog:

- INSTALLER Default directory name will no longer be added when browsing folders (sometimes led to users installing BK into double Company of Heroes Relaunch folder)
- INSTALLER Removed nfw4 launcher, should be universal now (report problems please)
- US M8 Scott increased range by 10
- US Slightly increased recoiless rifle effectivity against Panzer IVs
- US Decreased HVSS price from 35 fuel to 25 fuel
- US Decreased M10 price by 30 MP
- US Increased M4 Jumbo call-in price by 75 MP
- US First supply yard upgrade reduced fuel cost by 25
- US First supply yard fuel upgrade won't require tank depot built
- US Second supply yard upgrade reduced MP price by 150 MP
- US Second supply yard fuel upgrade reduced fuel price by 15 and doesn't require tank depot upgrade
- US Supply yard fuel upkeep reducement can now be upgraded if both upkeep reducing upgrades were completed OR if both fuel upgrades were completed
- US Supply yard fuel upkeep reducement fuel price reduced by 15
- US Increased fuel upkeep reduction in supply yard from 25% to 33%
- US Reduced side sandbags fuel cost by 20 fuel
- US Decreased strafe and AP strafe ability cost from 150 to 115 munnition
- US Decreased bombing run ability cost from 250 to 200 munnition
- US Decreased fighter-bomber patrol ability cost from 300 to 265 munnition
- US Reduced M8 Scott fuel cost by 10
- US Decreased M24 Chaffee fuel upkeep
- US Decreased M18 Hellcat fuel upkeep
- US M18 Hellcat is now buildable in Airborne doctrine, with the same unlock as M10
- US Armor doc SP/PAce unlock now requires one more CP
- US Armor doc heavy AT mines now require one less CP
- US Inf doctrine can build .30 cal emplacement
- US Added suppression to .30 cal jeep
- US/CW Increased suppression of certain HMGs
- US Fixed range reticule on triage center
- US 37mm AT gun will not be able to shoot or be movable when only 1 man crew is left
- US Decreased 155 mm long tom artillery barrage price from 300 munnition to 250 munnition
- US Increased howitzer gun nest hitpoints
- US Rebalanced Airborne engineers (320MP, demolitions without upgrade and can throw satchels)
- US Reduced AT Threadbreaker ability range
- CW Reduced effect of "button enemy vehicle" ability
- CW Fixed 17pdr emplacement was still buildable in every doctrine
- CW Typhoon bombing ability price decreased from 150 to 135 munnition
- CW Typhoon incendiary bombing ability price decreased from 200 munnition to 165 munnition
- CW Changed roayal engineers command tree that canadian M4 support OR Firefly is now directly after M10 unlock
- CW Rebalanced Bren carrier and WASP
- CW Increased Dingo efficiency
- CW Removed crusader AA ground fire
- CW Increased howitzer gun nest hitpoints
- CW Tuned crusader damage and suppression a bit
- WH Increased StuPa range by 5
- WH Fuel trade price increased from 100 munnition to 125 munnition, increased recharge time by 90
- WH Increased Tiger "Late" price from 900 MP 155 fuel to 975 MP 170 fuel
- WH Increased Tiger price from 875 MP 155 fuel to 950 MP 165 fuel
- WH Decreased Panther G fuel price by 10
- WH Grenadiers MP44 upgrade gives 2 MP44s instead of 3, reduced munnition price by 15
- WH Panzer IV Mass production now requires 2 CP instead of 1
- WH Blitzkrieg ability now requires 1 CP instead of 2 for unlock
- WH Changed AT infantry type to tp_infantry
- WH Increased 50mm pak price to 250MP
- WH Added aim time to some TD which were missing it
- WH Removed sdkfz234 attack ground
- WH Decreased Panzer IV Ausf. F2 price from 500 MP 70 Fuel to 460 MP 60 Fuel
- WH Increased howitzer gun nest hitpoints
- WH Reduced AT Threadbreak ability range
- PE Fuel trade price increased from 100 munnition to 125 munnition, increased recharge time by 90
- PE Increased base Jagdpanther cost to 1000 MP and 180 fuel (900 + 160 after reduction)
- PE Decreased base Nashorn cost to 560 MP 75 fuel (500 + 60 after reduction)
- PE Increased base Jagdpanzer IV/70 cost to 600 MP 85 fuel (540 + 70 after reduction)
- PE Henschell panzerknacker ability decreased cost from 275 munnition to 250 munnition
- PE FW bombing run price decreased from 250 munnition to 215 munnition
- PE Increased Marder I and III fuel upkeep (I had 0)
- PE Added aim time to some TD which were missing it
- PE Decreased Assault Grenadiers price to 435 MP
- PE Changed command tree, wespe is now in more "arty" based subtree, mine layer in more defensive subtree and other changes
- PE Increased 50mm pak price to 250MP
- ALL Tank commanders can be healed by aid stations/ambulances etc.
- ALL Changed internal function of direct fire ability a bit
- ALL Changed internal function of certain AP rounds
- ALL Recon planes now should properly enter the map before being shot down (experimental testing, will be added to all planes if it will work)

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